danielle iott

Office Manager

Scheduling / Accounting / HR

Environmental Professional

As Office Manager, Danielle takes care of production schedules, completes accounting/payroll details, handles human resources details and keeps everything moving smoothly around the office. Danielle also takes on special projects of her own, providing environmental and engineering due diligence services.  

dave owens

Human Resources


Dave facilitates the inter-office functions of sales, engineering, and administration.He has an extensive background in business management, sales and finance. Dave is an integral part of the day-to-day functions at DEI as he works to enforce existing and develop enhanced company policies and procedures.

coil winding process

Pull-trusion process requires winding 1” strips of material (read more)

William Wade


Detail Master

Will's role is to transform materials and engineering plans into real-world solutions. An organized, efficient and versatile professional, Will's background includes a electrical engineering concentration and he is well-versed in computer technology as well. With a keen ability to envision the final product, Will enjoys engineering challenges even beyond DEI with additional interest in robotics.

mo (mohammed) el jarouch

Electrical Engineer

Project Manager

Production Innovator

Mo's background includes assisting with machine design; designing PCB controller boards; building and wiring electrical panels; testing, recording and reporting machine performance metrics and managing an IT department, including maintenance of network and individual computer issues. Mo is a permanent U.S. resident who is fluent in Arabic as well as English. 

Designer's edge is:

dan green


Electrical Engineer

Design Innovator

Dan’s work is based on his fundamental belief that solutions only work when they are safe. With 36+ years of engineering experience, Dan oversees the DEI team through hands-on engineering innovation and common sense management. With multiple patents as well as repeat clients, his conscientious attitude and insightful questions make the research involved in  every project an enjoyable process.

Richard (Dick) Zyla

Sales Manager

Project Manager

Business Innovator

Dick helps you solve problems. Dick’s strong background in manufacturing, engineering and product development helps boost your productivity while providing­ quality and technical innovation for advanced manufacturing environments. Dick has a shirt sleeves, hands-on approach that inspires others, and creates productive results.

Controls Engineering