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full access is our specialty 

Our customer had a unique need to place guarding around their machinery while providing full access to each machine on all four sides. Since the machines were closely located our solution involved creating sliding doors that could also swing out to open. Designer's Edge engineered this solution creating a 9-foot opening on the side of each machine while only requiring two-feet, six-inches of aisle space.

Dual Chain Safety Switches enabled each door to function as safety guarding. These safety switches are integrated into the Machine control system to shut down the machine if any door is opened while running in continuous mode.

safety guarding

Designers Edge, Inc. designed, fabricated and installed eighteen (18) machine guarding systems for this project. Some of the machines included Cycle Start Stations which we engineered and fabricated as well. The Cycle Start Stations included Dual Hand, Anti-Tie-Down soft touch buttons and dual channel interconnection to the existing machine controls.​

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