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Close quarters for Sixteen lines and winder

Our customer has a Pull-trusion process producing one-inch strips of material through a specialized die. Sixteen one-inch-wide strips of material are produced with just one-half-inch of space between each of the strips. The product must be delivered on reels which are 48-inches in diameter.

These production details create many demanding design issues. The reels, which are 48-inches in diameter, encompass a large area and each reel must be slightly offset from the other for operation. The winding process requires a steady tension be applied at all times to the out-coming product.

Designer's Edge, Inc. (DEI) used Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) to achieve proper tension during winding. DEI's programmable controller changes the drive parameters throughout operation to maintain a consistent tension on the material.

 An addition challenge involved the mobility of the winding unit. Since the pull-trusion equipment producing the specialized coil product was used for many other items, the winding unit is only added to the production line when required. DEI designed the unit in two pieces which are easily disengaged, rolled through the manufacturing facility and placed in a storage area until it is needed again. 

coil winding machine